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The Gyrfalcon File by Chris Roper

The Gyrfalcon File

by Chris Roper

304 pages
Modern-day espionage thriller set in France and Washington DC.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Federal Agent Edward Morgan is enjoying an idyllic life under deep cover in the foothills of the Pyrenees when the sudden arrival of Dr. Kate Gibson turns everything upside down. Morgan abandons his morning coffee - and his cover - to rescue the young scientist from a clumsy abduction attempt as events quickly start to snowball. Kate's revolutionary medical research and a photographic memory make her a very valuable asset and it rapidly becomes clear that more than one group is keen to get their hands on her.

Morgan reluctantly takes Kate under his wing. Together they leave the peaceful village of Verlade and set out to stay one jump ahead of a very determined opposition. Their perilous journey through the South of France marks the start of a curiously symbiotic relationship in which they learn about themselves as well as their respective capabilities and limitations; more than once they have to resort to Morgan's tradecraft and Kate's logic to stay out of the clutches of their pursuers.

All is not well in Washington DC, however, when Morgan's masters in the Department fail to locate him. Can Morgan's ex-colleague Linda Cobb persuade him to come home? And why would he have every reason in the world not to work with Linda when things start to fall apart?

One thing is certain: with a mole in the Department, no-one is safe. Morgan picks up his old life to lead a carefully-chosen team in a deadly assault on the bad guys as tension steadily mounts in this modern-day espionage thriller and the action relentlessly twists and turns across two continents.



About the Author
Chris Roper Originally from England, Chris has lived in America for many years. His passion for writing fiction spans several genres and formats; he also edits and ghost-writes for others. Extensive travel and technical knowledge give his work an authenticity and finely-detailed portrayal of human nature which appeals to a broad audience.



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