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Tom & Emily's Incredible Adventure to the World of the Gossamerians by David J. Price

Tom & Emily's Incredible Adventure to the World of the Gossamerians

by David J. Price

116 pages
Collection of children's stories appealing 8-15, fantasy/science-fiction themed.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Tom and Emily as children, journey from Edwardian England in 1903 to another world, through an inter-dimensional portal.

The World of Gossamer is ruled by magic and our heroes help to defeat a dragon using a magic crystal, in their first adventure.

Many years later when they are adults, they have a second adventure, when they are called on again to save Gossamer from a far worse fate.

The world of the 'fairy' people is now threatened by the Crustaceans. Resembling crab-like creatures, the invaders first seek to change Gossamer's atmosphere to a poisonous mix they can breathe, before travelling from their nearby moon through another portal, to make this world their own.

Tom and Emily must bring all their scientific skills learned on Earth and enlist help from Tom's disbelieving botanist father, to destroy the portal and restore the ecological balance to Gossamer to save their friends.

Plus a bonus unrelated story of a time traveller who visits a spectacular Exhibition in 1902 Edwardian England.



About the Author
David J. Price David J Price is a self-published author/retired QA Manager. He specializes in writing science-fiction/children’s fantasy. His most recent novel published in 2014 was entitled 'An Alien Legacy: the Cygnus and Pictor connection. He lives in Sedgley, West Midlands, England. He enjoys creating digital artwork to sometimes illustrate his work.



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