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FROM MIMAN, WITH LOVE: A Grandmother's Memoir by Metty Vargas Pellicer

FROM MIMAN, WITH LOVE: A Grandmother's Memoir

by Metty Vargas Pellicer

180 pages
A memoir of a grandmother addressed to her grandchildren

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Writing with a robust and steady voice, this memoir, written by a grandmother to her granddaughter has a unique frame that is emotionally compelling. It will appeal to readers interested in personal accounts of immigration, particularly stories from the Philippines. Her sense of humor and love of the Philippines infuse the book with a sense of wonder. She writes about overcoming challenges in gender and racial discrimination, making it in America and the importance of believing in oneself. Her vivid description is enthralling as she takes the reader along to see, hear, smell and touch her world. She speaks eloquently of her late husband, of being in love, and of the displacement and pain of losing him. In the end she offers closure and continuation of her journey, dreaming new adventures and following a different road.


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About the Author
Metty Vargas Pellicer aka Fiameta Vargas, Fiameta Pellicer was born in the Philippines. English is a second language. Her first book was about her travel adventures, Hello, From Somewhere. She lives in Atlanta with Scarlett, her 27-year-old cockatiel who asks anyone who whistles to her, "Did you fart?".



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