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The Secret Love Letters of Saint Paul by Bern Callahan

The Secret Love Letters of Saint Paul

by Bern Callahan

410 pages
Historical tale of passion, love, friendship and intrigue spanning millennia

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
All religion is a story.

So begins the first of three, newly discovered letters from the Apostle Paul to his lover, Timothy. This is the story of their passionate love and their adventures and the story of how that love was hidden for twenty centuries.

This tale of Paul's and Timothy's love is set in the time of early Christianity's explosive spread throughout the ancient Roman empire.

The Secret Love Letters is also modern. The year is 2026, and the new pope, Francis II, sends his secretary, Father Finn McDonagh, to Israel. Finn's journey begins with a surprise discovery of unpublished letters from Paul. The Secret Love Letters is also Finn's story as the Letters take him into inevitable religious and political maneuverings within the secretive world of the Vatican. Confronted by doubts, he faces his own crisis of faith.

The Secret Love Letters is a classic tale of love and transformation, mystery, adventure and intrigue, a treasure of Old and New Wave, cruelty and kindness, home, hearth, and underworld. It's a story of love beyond customs and morals and plays at the fringe of both heaven and brimstone.

It is also a modern tale of spiritual identity crisis that brings the voices of early Christianity alive. A must-read for anyone interested in the interpenetration of faith, politics and religion in today's world.



About the Author
Bern Callahan Bern is a life long student of religion, history and theology. As a young man, he was ordained a Catholic priest. In his 30ís, Bern embraced Buddhism. In 2003 he completed a Tibetan 3 year meditation retreat. He teaches, and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife.



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