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God's Beautiful Dream by Maria Christina Vidale

God's Beautiful Dream

by Maria Christina Vidale

524 pages
In Paris in 1972, a priest falls in love.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
It's the summer of 1972, but even in Paris, Father Luke Lomell can't shake the spiritual darkness he grapples with day and night. As this struggle threatens to rob him of his faith, he encounters the beautiful and enigmatic Maya, who has lost her way in the world. On a journey of her own, Maya's path intersects with Father Luke's in the City of Love. With his fierce attraction to Maya growing, Father Luke finds himself on yet another crossroads: Will he yield to his desire for her or embrace his ordained path as God's servant?

As Father Luke and Maya voyage through both ordinary and mysterious happenings, they each find their spiritual destinies--through each other.



About the Author
Maria Christina Vidale is a writer, editor, literary contest judge, and poet living on California's Central Coast where she tries to clean up the beaches and work to protect the marine environment.



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