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EVERYTHING SPEAKING CHINESE - Enhanced, Revised Edition by GTimothy Gordon


by GTimothy Gordon

110 pages
A vision of Asian landscape, a landscape of Asian vision.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Seventy-six meditations, prosepoems and tonepoems on the Southeast Asian landscape evoking interior calls and correspondences in aesthetic, cultural, social, and spiritual realms. Its physical geography of China, Taiwan and Northeast and Southeast Asia hastens toward the heart: Design radiating inward from circumfluent externals to that place of “stillness, and dark,[of] all that is absent, and not.” Mimetic sensory experience of “Asia” and “Asian” is remade with an outsider’s freshness that weighs “Cathay” with “Christmas,” tradition-rich heritage with the “breathless poor” and “rickshaw baggage” culture. A gathering poised between extremes of psyche and sense, it resonates with dreamscape, cityscape, and seascape cognitive, painterly, and visceral zen-like moods. EVERYTHING SPEAKING CHINESE’s quinquepartite landscape of vision recreates one art of-a-piece with its “blissful, invisible people” “you can almost hear/[as] fresh Asian spirits not yet setting out for the other side.”



About the Author
Gordon's recent books include EVERYTHING SPEAKING CHINESE: ENHANCED, REVISED EDITION (2015, Spirit-of-the-Ram Press) and OPEN HOUSE (2014, Dogear Press). Individual works appear in juried journals. He divides personal and professional lives among Asia, Europe, and the Desert/Mountain Southwest.



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