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FINDING GOD: A Poem About Our Quest for a Deity and the Dragons We Meet On the Way by Karen Ulm Rettig

FINDING GOD: A Poem About Our Quest for a Deity and the Dragons We Meet On the Way

by Karen Ulm Rettig

76 pages
A fresh answer to an ancient question

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Where is God? If He is a caring God, why is He remote? These questions become personal to the author when she hears Godís call but is then unable to find Him. Not being shy, she challenges Him to explain this behavior. Though she hears no response, she continues to search, because that momentís awareness of His presence had briefly satisfied an elemental need, filled an inner void.

Thus begins Finding God, an epic poem which addresses this ancient dilemma in a novel way. It begins as a narrative of the authorís experience, but it quickly expands to become a thoughtful exploration of the need for God as felt by all of humankind. It analyzes our predicament but also animates it, using playful imagery to portray subtle relationships, inner landscapes, and fine nuances of honesty and artifice. The author appreciates how the supremacy of reason in our modern world has improved our lives, but she deplores how reason has bullied us into accepting materialism. She applauds God for having given us free will, then gently pokes fun at ways in which we use free will to avoid Him. She recounts how skepticism came to triumph over faith in contemporary culture, then laments that it feels like a Pyrrhic victory.

Through it all is woven the story of her relationship with God, who, it turns out, is neither capricious nor remote. He is, rather, a personal God who seeks to establish a rapport with each of us. He calls us, courts us, and serenades us and is always ready to chop down enchanted forests and battle dragons that stand in His way.



About the Author
Karen Ulm Rettig wrote Finding God over a twenty year period while she was raising a family, running a household, and working for a family business. It was a labor of love.



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