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Addicts Snort Poems by Hazel Redd

Addicts Snort Poems

by Hazel Redd

80 pages
A collection of poetry from an ex-drug addict.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Not many survive hell on earth. Hazel Redd did. She overcame trauma, depression and addiction. Addicts Snort Poems is a collection of poetry taking you on a journey through the pain of addiction and joy of recovery.

Each poem leads into the next, telling a gripping tale. It is a story of a lonely, abused and confused young girl who finds refuge in another realm of reality. It is peaceful until that reality turns dark and evil. Now, she has nowhere to run. She must fight her inner demons or let them kill her.

Why are drugs so tempting? How can one have hope? What does an addict's brain feel like? Read this book to find out!



About the Author
Hazel Redd believes her fingers are meant for writing. Through her published work, Hazel hopes to help others feel they are not alone in their suffering.
She currently resides in Florida, the sunshine State.



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