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THE ITALIAN KEY by Thea Phipps


by Thea Phipps

358 pages
A modern-day comedic mystery involving a riddle from WWII.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
It began for Bella when an anonymous photograph of a café came in the post with only four words penned on the back.

‘This is the key.’

The photo may have been small enough to fit in the pocket of her jeans, but, as she soon discovered when she boarded the Eurostar, it was big enough to unleash mayhem, intrigue, and mystery. To use her own words, ‘I might have been more than a little responsible for the mayhem. Farce pursues me like a Rottweiler. But the rest certainly followed its arrival, along with a healthy dose of romance. One cannot go to Italy and avoid that altogether.’

A key to what? Who sent the photo? Why is Bella being followed? And what does any of it have to do with a dangerous riddle composed during WWII, a riddle that covers up a priceless secret?

Bella goes to Florence to begin her search for answers. Follow her and her friends on their wild scramble through Italy as Bella ruins gondolas, wears rude tee shirts, dances unwillingly, gets shot at, and…

…discovers the thrilling secret behind the photograph.



About the Author
Thea Phipps Thea writes because she doesn’t have Netflix. Her family tree includes a millionaire miser, an Olympic runner, a Nazi breeder, a riverboat gambler, a notorious gangster, two spies, and Sir Thomas Wyatt, the duke who led an unsuccessful uprising in 1554 and had his head cut off. This explains much.



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