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RISE OF THE MOMENTS by Carl L. Gabriel, Jr.


by Carl L. Gabriel, Jr.

284 pages
Strange beings interact with special humans to save the Universe.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Rise of the Moments is an intriguing exploration written with unique perspective. This first of an upcoming series of novels engages the reader in a chronological puzzle spanning billions of years in timeless fashion.

Life as we know it is advancing to its highest point, and preparations are being made around the universe. The Moments, strange ultra-sentient beings living outside of time, continue to monitor humanity, as they themselves make ready for the transition of the universe into its next phase of existence.

This particular story follows the course of two humans that find themselves in interaction with Moments designated as "Eight", who are charged with monitoring humanity's consistency in the Universal Fabric.

Doctor Daniel Kerr creates a formula that puts all creation at risk, and must be dissuaded from furthering his research. Joe Splitt is an astro-schizophrenic hero (although only diagnosed with PTSD) with unique abilities, and can interact with the Moments when in altered states.

As the purposeful agenda of the strange Moment people collides with the freedom of choice accorded mankind, uncertainty reigns, and both heroes and fiends are made and broken. It evolves into a complex game of cat and mouse when the rogue Moment, Quantum, plots to kill one of the humans to gain his freedom from humanity and drive the other to potentially destroy the world.

To save the universe and all of its lifeforms, someone must die. Who will it be?


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About the Author
Carl L. Gabriel, Jr., (Chicago-born Carl Eggerson) has always enjoyed the imaginative side of literature and the arts. After authoring the first two of a three-book fiction book series Jesterís Quest: Book One, he went to work on a project that was closer to his heart: The Moment Stories.



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