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Within the Heart of PTSD: Amazing Stories of Gentle Psychotherapy and Full Trauma Recovery by Louise Gaston

Within the Heart of PTSD: Amazing Stories of Gentle Psychotherapy and Full Trauma Recovery

by Louise Gaston

180 pages
Amazing stories of gentle psychotherapy and full trauma recovery

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
This book reveals the intimate stories of trauma recovery as they were experienced by human beings in a caring and competent psychotherapy for PTSD. Of course, the details leading to any possible identification have been altered. Most importantly, these therapeutic journeys are genuine.

John was geared toward performing, yet he embraced his vulnerabilities. Cassandra was frozen in timelessness, but she dared to become alive. Emmett was ravaged by guilt and dependency, yet he chose to live his life. Jasmine struggled with self-destructiveness, yet she moved on. Philbert was forced to care for himself, and he came out from hiding. Rose persevered in her search for love to face her murderous desires. Nancy demanded repair, but she resigned herself to enjoy a quiet life.

These stories imposed themselves over a few weeks, as if they needed to be told.

This book can be read as a compelling novel, information about the happenings in psychotherapy, or clinical examples of successful psychotherapy for PTSD, simple or complex.

Human beings can be deeply hurt and yet recover beyond belief.

Trauma recovery requires a solid therapeutic relationship. Only then can a confrontation with the unbearable be done. Not alone anymore, we can face our greatest despair and most incredible anger. Strengths and vulnerabilities become allies as we get back In the flow of life. We embrace our humanity, knowing pain and love.

This book was written to inspire those struggling with PTSD and those providing psychotherapy.



About the Author
Louise Gaston After doing research on PTSD and psychotherapy for over a decade, Dr. Louise Gaston, psychologist, has founded in 1991 a clinic specialized in PTSD, TRAUMATYS, where over 150 psychotherapists have been trained to resolve PTSD and its numerous complications. Almost all participating in psychotherapy obtain PTSD remission, and much more.



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