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VENGEANCE: Book Two of the Rebellion Trilogy by Ethan Proud and Lincoln Proud

VENGEANCE: Book Two of the Rebellion Trilogy

by Ethan Proud and Lincoln Proud

228 pages
Second installment of the Rebellion Trilogy.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
After fleeing Durthia, Jhadgar has found a home in the coastal country of Veril. Yet his nights are plagued with dreams of the runner turned troll: Seruke. He realizes that the only way he will ever find peace is by destroying his old rival. With the help of his new-found companions, he travels back to Durthia and the dreaded swamp. His journey is full of perils from the beginning; a coastal bounty hunter aligns herself with a witch to bring his head in for a reward. As the bounty hunter tracks him back to Durthia, she discovers that she has scores of her own to settle.

Unbeknownst of Jhadgar's blood-lust, Seruke is adjusting to life in the swamp with his friends. However, all is not well. When his friends discover a dark secret Seruke is harboring, a rift threatens to tear them apart and shatter the life they have molded together.


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About the Author
Ethan and Lincoln are brothers from Pinedale, Wyoming. Growing up they played sports and had to drive across the state to watch each other and their younger brother compete in hockey tournaments, track and ski meets, and other various events. During this time Ethan and Lincoln would write short stories in spiral notebooks. Most of the stories were dead ends, but they finally finished one novel that eventually became the Rebellion Trilogy.



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