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The Monster and Freddie Fype by Larry Trivieri Jr.

The Monster and Freddie Fype

by Larry Trivieri Jr.

122 pages
A new and exciting tale of heroism and adventure.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Introducing a new and exciting voice in children's literature, and an engaging tale of adventure and suspense that is sure to be treasured for years to come!

Peace had long reigned in the Kingdom of Glencastyr and Northrop, its king, was much beloved by its citizens. But Northrop is no longer young, long widowed, and without an heir, leaving the villainous Count Vileshoe next in line to ascend the throne. Petitioned by his people to find a more suitable heir, yet unwilling to remarry, Northrop's dilemma seems resolved when he meets an orphaned boy named Freddie Fype and chooses to adopt him.

This act is greeted as a cause for celebration throughout the Kingdom. Except by Vileshoe and his henchmen. Under cover of night, they steal into Northrop's castle to imprison Northrop and his retainers, banishing Freddie deep within the heart of the ominous Wyrrdling Forest, where Vileshoe expects him to starve to death or be killed by the monster that is said to live there. Vileshoe then deceives the populace of Glencastyr, telling them that the King, Freddie and their party, after voyaging into the Forest at Freddie's urging, were all killed by the monstrous beast. And so he prepares to at last be crowned King in Northrop's place.

But then Freddie meets the monster...

The Monster and Freddie Fype is an enchanting tale of courage, wonder, and the most unlikeliest of heroes. It is sure to capture the imagination of children of all ages.



About the Author
Larry Trivieri Jr. A new and noteworthy voice in children's literature, Larry Trivieri Jr has for more than twenty years been a bestselling author of numerous books on health and healing. The Monster and Freddie Fype is his first published novel. He lives in upstate New York.



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