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Kiss the Girls by Rory Laurence

Kiss the Girls

by Rory Laurence

373 pages
An erotic adventure

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Category: Erotica
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About the Book
Kiss the Girls is an adult story. A young man is on the verge of graduating from High School and stepping in to the adult world.
That is where his problems begin.

Kiss the Girls is the story of Patrick McGuire, a youthful Irish immigrant to South Africa, and the challenges he, like so many other young people, is faced with as he prepares to step into the adult world. It begins shortly before the end of his school career and outlines the problems that beset him regarding his future.

He is abducted into manhood by a beautiful young woman while still in school.

Patrick is a very good-looking young man and giving in to the fair sex quickly becomes the pattern of his life. He is constantly trapped in situations he should have avoided until he gets careless and lands in deep trouble.

Patrickís family wants him to become a lawyer but he refuses. He wants to follow his dream, and it leads to much conflict.
An older friend paints a glorious picture of big money to be made on the Zambian Copper Belt. He grasps the opportunity to gain independence from his domineering family.

It is a story of adventure and the dangers he faces as he hitch hikes across the African continent. The story depicts his exploits of joy and tragedy in the African bush.

Unfortunately the dream of big money does not materialize and he is forced to return home when he runs out of money, penniless and bitterly disappointed.

But fate is kind to him. He meets a kind old lady the day before he is due to return. She invites him to her birthday celebrations on her wealthy sonís farm in Southern Rhodesia.

That was where he met Angelina, the girl of his dreams.

Two days after arriving there a wounded rogue buffalo creates havoc on the farm and he is forced to join her father in the hunt to stop the suffering animal. Tragedy strikes.

He is separated from Angelina when he is forced to return home a week after arriving. She has to go back to school in Johannesburg and he gets a free ride home. They argue on the aircraft and it seems the romance is over.

His future is uncertain. He has to find a job to pay for his keep if he wishes to remain on in his room.

He tries everything but in the end he gives in to his motherís wishes and becomes a lawyer against his will.

He ultimately succeeds in making his dream come true. He is reunited with Angelina and they live happily ever after.



About the Author
Rory Laurence loves writing. He studied Law and Psychology before obtaining his B.A. Lit. He also loves traveling and has journeyed through Europe and Africa. He was involved in Personnel Management with a number of International Corporations before turning to writing on a full time basis. He is currently living in South Africa.



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