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Alex's Mission on Planet Astro by Larry Fowler

Alex's Mission on Planet Astro

by Larry Fowler

354 pages
Alex’s mission to Astro, a planet inhabited by intelligent beings.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Generations of the Anderson family lived on farms in southern Maryland. Henry Anderson was tutored in religion by his mother and as a result of his strong religious upbringing, he chose church ministry as his profession.

After pastoring a small Community Church, Henry was asked by the District Superintendent to begin a church in Maine. Rev. Anderson, his wife Ruby, son Alex, and youngest son Gary moved into a large white New England home in Bath, Maine and Rev. Anderson became the pastor of the local Community Church.

While living in Bath, the eldest son, Alex, experienced a dream in which he had a vision of a great city with skyscrapers that reached into the clouds and an enormous tree with a river that flowed out from the base of the tree. Through a supernatural phenomenon, Alex physically arrived on the New Earth, the Paradise that Jesus Christ prepared for his followers after death.

On the New Earth Alex met a heavenly being named Azriel who sends Alex on a mission to Astro, a planet inhabited by intelligent beings in the Libra constellation. While living among the inhabitants of Astro, Alex attempts to persuade them to modify their plans for space travel to Earth.

Alex trains in advanced studies; space colonization and weaponry. He encounters great dangers caused by the Mystic religion, which threaten Alex’s life and jeopardize his mission.

Alex interprets two disturbing dreams for the Sovereign Commander that even the Mystics were not able to interpret. When Alex’s interpretation comes true, it results in saving the life of the Sovereign Commander who then grants Alex an apprenticeship into Astro’s professional training program.

Alex visits natives high in the mountains who are renowned for their climbing skills. Their dialect is not spoken by outsiders, but Alex has been given the gift of language. To the amazement of others Alex can communicate with the natives. The natives save Alex’s life after he becomes ill due to poisoning.



About the Author
Larry Fowler LARRY FOWLER is the Master of the Quest in modern spiritual fantasy literature. Larry is also the author of 7 Miracle Leaves, a journey into the supernatural world, and 7 Miracle Leaves Alex’s Quest, a story about Alex delivering a Golden Cross with supernatural powers to a prophet on Earth.



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