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Doubly Blessed - An Inspirational Memoir by Kevin Hershner

Doubly Blessed - An Inspirational Memoir

by Kevin Hershner

172 pages
Intimate story about moving on after the loss of a spouse

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Category: Self Help:Grief
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About the Book
On January 21, 1994, I was 27 years old. At 9:15 that evening, when the doctor pronounced my wife's time of death, I kissed her cheek, slowly stood up next to her hospital bed, and wiped the tears from my eyes. I then took my first, lonely step into the tunnel. You know the one - the one with no light at the end of it. It was a long, dark, dismal tunnel. No matter how many steps I took, I was convinced that I would never see a light. I was positive that I would never marry again, let alone have a family of my own, but I kept walking through that tunnel. For five years, I walked.

In 1999, while still wandering aimlessly through the darkness, I was shocked at what I saw up ahead. It was a dim flicker from the light I had convinced myself I'd never see! I kept walking cautiously towards it, and the closer I got to the end of that tunnel, the brighter the light became. When I finally reached the other side, the brilliance of the light was blinding, and within it, I found what I was sure I'd never find again - happiness.

Doubly Blessed is a true story about my first wife's heartbreaking battle with cancer that led me to the opening of that tunnel. It's a story about my eventual need to move on and the guilt that came along with doing so while traveling through it. It's a story of overcoming internal conflict. It's a story of hope.



About the Author
Kevin Hershner Kevin Hershner lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Melissa and his daughters Hannah and Haylee. Twenty years after losing his first wife to cancer, Kevin was compelled to tell the story about his loss, his struggle to move on, and his eventual, newfound happiness with the hope that it can provide inspiration to others.



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