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JOURNEY INTO THE REALM: The Dream Catcher by Markelle Grabo


by Markelle Grabo

300 pages
Ramsey works with the rebellion to obtain King Vortigern’s crown.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Every choice matters…

After a perilous journey, Ramsey Wilder has nearly reached the rebellion. Led by Joseph, King Vortigern’s son and former heir, the rebellion holds the promise of change for the Element Fairy Realm and the possibility of peace for the Magical Realms. But instead of feeling hopeful, Ramsey is distracted by the choice she made to use the ancient Woodland fairy spell book. Plagued by grief and nightmares, Ramsey performed a spell she didn’t understand. Now she must accept the consequence of her actions. But is Stellan’s presence in her dreams really a punishment…or a gift?

Despite her inner turmoil, Ramsey knows retrieving King Vortigern’s crown must be her main priority. The King grows bolder with each passing day, testing the limits of his dark magic in ways Ramsey and the rebellion never expected. If she is to reach the Golden Fairy Realm and persuade Queen Titania to end the war, Ramsey must completely devote herself to her goal, even if it means facing a king whose experience incredibly outweighs her own.

Should Ramsey keep the elf she once loved bound to her dreams to preserve her sanity? Should she access her wildest Golden fairy magic to defeat the King, even if doing so could destroy her? In this thrilling fourth installment, Ramsey is faced with choices that will determine the fate of the Magical Realms.


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About the Author
Markelle Grabo Author of The Elf Girl, The Spell Master, The Stolen Child, and The Dream Catcher, Markelle Grabo continues to work on the Journey into the Realm series. Surrounded by a supportive cast of friends and family, she puts her feelings and experiences into everything she writes… with a bit of magical embellishment of course.



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