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Oh! Mercy by Ruby Peru Stell

Oh! Mercy

by Ruby Peru Stell

244 pages
A kaleidoscope of adventure, peering into the spiritual Voodoo realm.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Prepare to listen to a New Orleans jazz band play the blues, only you have words to to go with it! It ain’t always easy in the Big Easy. The Hotel Ritz est.1897, on the fringe of the Red Light District suffices as a kaleidoscope, peering into the darkest spiritual realm of Voodoo.

The Ritz is inhabited by an odd assortment of con-artists and Mercy, a precocious twelve year old card shark and hustler extraordinaire, known for driving the getaway van when Momma is incapacitated by drugs and booze.

Mercy is aided by her clairvoyant fantastical Blue and Gold Macaw, Pico. Marie Laveaux reigned as the first commercial Voodoo Queen in New Orleans. She was rumored a devout Catholic, declaring herself the Pope of Voodoo. After the Civil War, the New Orleans’ sect was a hybrid of Catholicism, Medieval Magic and Bokor Voodoo. This blend of Voodoo retreated underground secretly spawning the Laveaux’s present day brood.

Voodoo Sadie Laveaux, New Orleans premier Voodoo Priestess, becomes Mercy’s mentor, crowning her young protégée Voodoo Queen of the annual Heart’s Desire Celebration. Everything is majic until their existence is threatened by the arrival of Glory Hallelujah Laveaux, a vengeful Cambion, half demon and half mortal, hell bent on eradicating New Orleans of Voodoo Royalty and placing a ‘satanic twin curse’ on the future Laveaux’s Voodoo Empire. The irregular patrons of the Hotel Ritz, led by Wango Devine, the glow-ink magnate and his luminous tattooed wife, Million Zollars, team with Merlot, the direct descendant of Avalon’s Grand Wizard Merlin to thwart the a kaleidoscope, peering into the darkest spiritual realm of Voodoo. Cambion’s plans. Oh! Mercy!



About the Author
Ruby Peru Stell hitchhiked across North America teaching creative writing with a twist of rhyme.
She caught a wave back to the sunny Texas beach of Port Aransas, via Peru. Today, inspiration arrives on the wings of her Blue & Gold Macaw and the whisperings of the Gulf breeze.



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