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Found By Wings by Rebecca David

Found By Wings

by Rebecca David

22 pages
She was protected by simple creatures, butterflies.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
If you have ever had a child wander of in the blink of an eye, you will relate to this story.

Sunni is an independant six year old girl who wandered off so often, her parents gave her the "find shelter" speach for if she ever gets lost.

While heading with her family to her cousins, there is some trouble with the carriage. While her fathers fixes the carriage and looks after the rest of the family, Sunni wants to check out a trail next to where it broke down.

Sunni comes across an area of butterflies, her favorite insect. She is amazed and hopes they land her. She wants to run and tell her mother right away, but realizes she is lost.

She learns what fear is at that moment and sits down and cries. It is then that so many of these majestic creatures come to her and cover her completely.

She calms at this point and decides this is where she will stay while she waits for her family to find her.

She is eventually found by her cousins. They all get home safely, eager to tell their story when they get there.



About the Author
Rebecca David Rebecca was born in June of 1968. She loves and appreciates all things nature. Especially the beach, flowers and insects. Laughing at life with friends is a must. The old saying that children are our future, rings very true in her heart.



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