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Moselblumchen by Mack Mahoney


by Mack Mahoney

350 pages
Fascination biography of WW II war survivor who became millionaires

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
Moselblumchen is the biography of Stephanie Maddix, a most unusual woman. She was born an aristocrat in Cochem, German, became a penniless struggling World War II survivor. It examines the horrors of the war and how she manages to survive. The book explains why she came to the United States to visit Ralph Maddix, a soldier she had only met briefly during the war, married him and became a U.S. Citizen.

It tells the story of their wonderful life together and how they created a successful cattle ranch in Kansas, from which they retired in 1956. They then began to travel the world and shared many adventures. They eventually settled down in Newport Beach, CA. The reader learns the secrets of how over the years they became very wealthy and successful.

Unfortunately, Ralph suffered a stroke, after they moved into their brand new ocean front home in Newport Beach. His untimely death leaves Stephanie alone and devastated. in 1989 she meets Mack Mahoney and they fall in love and became an inseparable couple. Stephanie spends the last 25 years of her life with Mack. They too have a wonderful life with many interested adventures.

In her honor, Mack wrote this fascinating life story of this most interesting woman. It begins in pre-war Germany and takes the reader on a journey through
the trials and tribulations of that most difficult time right up to Stephanie's death at the age of 90 in 2014.

This truthful no-holds barred biography will inform you of many terrible things about war and it's unintended consequences. It reveals the reality of the struggle for survival and how with determination, someone can make the most out of their life. It will cause any reader to more appreciate their time here on earth. It also gives the reader an honest look at the sad realities of coping with the death of a beloved spouse, through some of Mack's original poems about death and dying. There will be tears.



About the Author
Mack Mahoney Mack has written three fictional novels, a screenplay and three non-fiction books.
During the last 25 years he has created over 9,000 original greeting cards containing his artwork, photographs and poems. It is the worlds largest such collection.



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