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Co-qui'!  Co-qui'!, That's me, That's me! by Carol Rothberg

Co-qui'! Co-qui'!, That's me, That's me!

by Carol Rothberg

34 pages
A funny story about a boy and his noisy frog.

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Category: Animals
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About the Book
For ages 4-7.

"CO-QUI'! CO-QUI'!, That's me! That's me!" is a humorous tale about the accidental delivery of a puerto rican tree frog in a bunch of flowers and the young boy who discovers it.

For this tiny coqui frog it is quite an adventure from his rainforest home to the big city. There he makes a startling and hilarious appearance at a tea party, before John finally captures him. John wants to keep Coqui but it soon becomes apparent that this noisy little frog does not make a very good pet! John is sad but he realizes that Coqui will have a better home at the zoo. He is proud to share Coqui with all the zoo visitors at the rainforest exhibit when he tells them all about these special frogs.



About the Author
Carol Rothberg is a botanical and natural science illustrator. The unexpected arrival of a noisy coqui frog in her Manhattan backyard inspired this tale. Children grow up to be the next generation of environmentalists so she hopes this story helps them develop a lifelong love of nature."



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