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MORNING SUN: 60 Poems of Reawakening by Anita Perales Reesman

MORNING SUN: 60 Poems of Reawakening

by Anita Perales Reesman

110 pages
The author uses writing as a healing therapy from divorce.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Morning Sun takes you on a journey from the darkness to the light after the death of a 27-year relationship. The author had a choice: be the victim of a sad life or be the designer of her own, new and authentic life. A two-year writing period yielding 160 poems speaks to how effective it can be to use writing as a therapeutic tool to heal from the tragedy of divorce and grief. What unfolded unexpectedly from this writing was a new and fulfilling life. The author literally wrote herself out of depression, verbal abuse and a codependent fog. Starting over at the age of 50 seemed like an impossible task, to reinvent oneself so far along in life, but that is exactly what she did.

Each poem openly shares the raw emotions, and the difficulties and triumphs of embracing change and growth. The honesty of the poems in each section flow through the grieving and healing process, at times slipping back and forth from dark to the light, noting that the process of human healing is not linear, but with God’s grace the poems and the author, bend and grow, ever-reaching toward the light.

The decision to use only 60 of the poems was difficult but necessary in order to focus on movement along the journey and not on all the eddies that periodically catch you up during the grieving and healing process. A second book of poems will follow with material focused on mature love and relationship.

It is the author’s hope in sharing these poems that those facing a similar journey would find encouragement to keep going and know that they are not alone; that they would keep working toward healing and not give up, because no matter how far away it seems, you really are getting closer every day; that the reader would use their own favorite form of artistic expression to help them on their journey.



About the Author
Anita Perales Reesman Anita Perales Reesman is a native of Austin, Texas. She lives downtown Nashville and works in advertising sales. Anita is co-owner of the gourmet tamale company “Sisterhood of the Tamale”. She can be found enjoying the downtown Nashville art and music scene or hiking the beautiful trails around TN.



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