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Madness on the Thames - Book 1 by Peter Stone

Madness on the Thames - Book 1

by Peter Stone

276 pages
A mad young gang is compromising the River Thames. They all live extremely close to political power. 'The Houses of Parliament' are only a stone's throw away from an underground Thames Saloon. These former psychiatric patients know they must be careful. Their distrustful paranoia keeps them safe from the state. However, unknown to them, secretive psychic government is always watching! Daniel Hunter soon finds himself at the centre of such controversies, with no way out...

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Daniel Hunter is a successful London businessman. However, his normal life as a kitchen designer is all about to change. He finds out that his wife has been keeping the strangest of secrets from him. He discovers a deep, long secret tunnel on her farm and investigates further in the greatest of dangers. Soon, in blood and bruises and new pride, he is ready to take exciting mission orders, with little understanding of the consequences.


After his first successful mission, he meets the young mad gang, 'The Thames Slithers'. This gang enjoys many pleasures away from normal society, but their morality forces Danielís character to change. Soon there is no turning back for new love, wealth and Thames British glory. Madness on the Thames is a book for all ages because it expands ideas about madness. Dreams, poems and psychic energies are a constant theme in the book, where Hunter's character will soon never be the same again.



About the Author
The undercover detective Peter Stone has rescued some patients from the psychiatric system. He now finds time to write about it within the adventure of fiction. He believes madness in society can be challenged because it is part of our human condition.



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