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THE FACTORY by James C. MacIntosh


by James C. MacIntosh

346 pages
What compelling force kept drawing Nick Grant into the factory?

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Recently divorced Nick Grant, anxious for a change of scenery, relocates to the small community of Morgantown, Massachusetts.

The house he is renting from a friend is an older dwelling on a quiet street, built many years before, as low-cost housing for employees of the Hardeman Shoe Factory.
The factory now sits abandoned, falling victim to the mismanagement of the deceased owner's daughter, Eloise Hardeman Crupman and her husband, Thomas. Another casualty of the couple's ineptness was the employee pension account.

Despite warnings from an elderly neighbor, Nick and his dog, Romeo ignore the "No Trespassing" signs posted around the perimeter of the factory and take their daily walks on the Hardeman property.

A gruesome discovery by Romeo throws Nick first onto the Morgantown Police Department's suspect list and then, deep into the investigation.

The once peaceful neighborhood becomes fearful and residents begin to cast suspicious eyes upon each other. Meanwhile, Nick is experiencing an intrusive sense of evil each time he and Romeo walk near the factory. This foreboding will lead Nick and his dog to a frightful conclusion on a chilly May evening.



About the Author
Since the publication of his first novel in 2005, Jim has continued to weave intriguing tales of murder, mystery and suspense. His second book, "Teacups in the Snow" earned him an honorable mention in a national writing contest, The Next Great Book Competition, in 2006.



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