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The African Amulet by Donna Langston

The African Amulet

by Donna Langston

288 pages
Fictional novel about transformation and suspense in the African jungle.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
The African Amulet is a weave of suspense, intrigue and transformation. James Burton travels to the wilds of Rwanda, Africa to study and help the cause of the endangered Mountain Gorilla. Before leaving, he is confronted with a bizarre happening that would make anyone question their sanity.

Determined to explain the unexplainable. James continues on his trip only to be confronted with more phenomena, drawing unwanted attention from Congolese poachers and militants. Struggling with the notion of schizophrenia or mystical happenings, James finds himself receiving help from a shamanistic priestess offering cryptic answers from local tribal lore. While these explanations provide James reassurance, they also make him vulnerable. Lucy, his girlfriend who is a mental health therapist, comes to help James but further complicates the situation by operating from her own fear and insecurities. Olivier, the lead Rwandan scientist, and Alfred the African bodyguard, combine talents to keep the American guests safe. Despite gallant efforts, danger enters all levels of their lives. This country of light and shadow cannot help but forever change those who come.

The people from Rwanda, who have experienced great sorrow and atrocities, offer James possible explanations and hope. Combining science with mysticism results in the blending of ancient wisdom and new possibilities while delving into the inexplicable. Moving from fear to hope might be their only way to survive. In the midst of chaos, opportunities arise for James and those around him, to learn and experience a life that is integrated and balanced.



About the Author
Donna Langston has been a mental health therapist since 1999 and in the helping profession since 1986. She incorporated practical counseling techniques into books of fiction, taking the reader to places of mystery where opportunities for transformation are possible.



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