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The Hawardens by Kerry Burns

The Hawardens

by Kerry Burns

430 pages
A parallel worlds struggle moving between worlds to fight aliens.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Don is a retired electronics engineer. His wife dies and he moves to a small town, Hawarden, Iowa. He finds a metal covered door in the basement he purchased there. It leads him to another basement like the one in his home. The upstairs is almost the same. The town is also Hawarden and is almost the same. He meets a woman there and is soon bonded to her. He soon discovers that a group of aliens are attempting to secretly take over the world through sophisticated electronics that no one in that world understands, but Don does. He dedicates himself to the fight for the next 7 months. In addition, there is a very tangled relationship with two women which must be resolved.



About the Author
Kerry Burns Kerry is a retired professor of political science and other professions who is living on his ranch in Montana. He writes in the evenings since he can't abide TV. He has always been a writer and now there is time.



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