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Five Bridges Too Far by Jackie Miriam

Five Bridges Too Far

by Jackie Miriam

334 pages
An unusual story of teenage adventure and ultimately, true love.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
A curious tale of six young friends who go about their everyday lives in 1960s Britain. The Bridge gang wanders through the inexorable march of their early teenage experiences, arriving in places that most youngsters only dream about.

On the way, the chums receive a forewarning from the venerable Charles Holshaw, who it seems, is still able to bring his considerable influence to bear on the lives of others.

As the story unfolds, Liz emerges as a formidable personality, accomplished in the art of self-defense and sober, unyielding leadership. Such resilience led to the gang's mischievous antics in and around a large bonfire that typified many middle year teens in those free and unrestrained days.

Follow the adventures and destinies of Toots, Legs, Ellis, Bruiser, Liz and Mags as they journey through their brightest years to the beckoning bridges of bedevilment.



About the Author
Miriam resides in a world of curiosity and fascination. A world which is liberally sprinkled with humour and intrigue. A world that belongs to the mind of the storyteller. The world of Jackie Miriam.



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