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A People's Manifesto by John O'Kane

A People's Manifesto

by John O'Kane

196 pages
People's attitudes toward politics, society and economics in LA.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
Populism is all the rage these days. Bloggers and journalists from across the political spectrum are obsessed with “the people,” citizens with already limited power and resources who’ve suffered severe setbacks from the big Recession of 2008. This book investigates how non-experts and outsiders without access to the “facts” make sense of these times and pass along knowledge—not mere information—that catalyzes others to understand and act. They can express their opinions through a variety of venues, even op-ed writing, and reinterpret numerical “facts,” think through the values that sustain them while producing stories that make common sense to people in a moral context.

The book is divided into two parts. The first is a series of conversations with a variety of people who have differing lifestyles and political orientations. The second is sampling of op-ed pieces from Huffingtonpost and other publications over the course of the past six years about the issues that the citizens in part one discuss and react to. These are in chronological order and in response to the post-recession crisis as it evolved, and mostly left in their original form.



About the Author
John O’Kane teaches creative writing at Marymount College, and has published AMASS Magazine since 1988. He has published journalism, fiction, poetry, essays and creative non-fiction in many journals and magazines. His most recent book is Venice, CA: A City State of Mind (2013).



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