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History of the Waterville Fire Department 1809-2015 by Scott A Holst

History of the Waterville Fire Department 1809-2015

by Scott A Holst

288 pages
History of the Waterville fire department in Maine 1809

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Category: History
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About the Book
Since the earliest of city history, Waterville's firefighters have put their lives on the line to protect its citizens from fire, accidents, explosions or natural disasters. Written by Lt. Scott A. Holst on fire department history, this book documents the evolution of city firefighting from the earliest bucket brigades through to the post 911 era. Along the way, it documents the organization improvements and political changes that have made city firefighting significantly more effective.

This book tells the tale of the greatest fires that threatened Waterville, including the rescues and the fatalities. It also includes small biography chapters of the men and women who would become chief officers, or be hired as career personal. It covers every aspect of the department.

Illustrated throughout by black and white photographs of firefighting equipment, memorabilia and notable fire, mostly taken from the Waterville Morning Sentinel newspaper, private collections, and from the Waterville fire departments photographers.


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About the Author
Scott A Holst Scott A. Holst has been fighting fires since 1982. He has 33 years of fire service, with 20 of those years as Career firefighter with the City of Waterville Fire Department in Maine. Scott is a huge history buff and has written a few history books about his family.



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