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JACK OR JILL by Peter Andrew Sacco


by Peter Andrew Sacco

354 pages
Current profiler solves Jack the Ripper murders from new murders!

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
A serial killer roams the streets of the Honeymoon Capital of the world--Niagara Falls. The police are looking for an individual who resembles a haunting and familiar killer from the historical past--Jack the Ripper! The 5 murders bear a haunting resemblance to the White Chapel murders of 1888. They are all women, connected to the sex trade, and brutally murdered!

Dr. Thaddeus Michael Thomas, a former criminal profiler turned professor, is brought in to profile the case, despite opposition from high-ranking police officials. Thomas has a unique theory: What if the modern day Ripper is a woman? What if the original Jack the Ripper from 1888 was a woman? In order to catch the modern day Ripper, Thomas, along with two students and his former lover, must piece together the original killings.



About the Author
Peter Andrew Sacco Peter Andrew Sacco is a criminal psychology professor and has worked with various police services in the past. He is host of the popular Canadian TV series Niagara's Most Haunted, and hosts the weekly Toronto radio show Matters Of The Mind. He resides in Niagara Falls, Canada.



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