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7 Miracle Leaves: Alex's Quest by Larry Fowler

7 Miracle Leaves: Alex's Quest

by Larry Fowler

382 pages
Alex’s Quest involves delivering a Golden Cross with supernatural powers.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
The Crystal in the center of the Golden Cross contained The 7 Miracle Leaves picked from the tree of life on the New Earth. The 7 Miracle Leaves have supernatural powers to heal the nations.

The whole world is involved in the political turmoil, terrorism and violence that underlie the current crisis in the Middle East and East Asia. In addition to political turmoil, religious differences of ethnic groups and discrimination play a part in the current crisis. Significant change is needed.

Azriel, a heavenly being, sent Alex on a Quest to deliver the golden cross to the prophet Venatici.

Alex was given a gift of gold dust to finance his Quest.

Alex traveled from Bath, Maine to Alaska in a truck camper with two friends to sell his gold dust to fund his journey to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Alex was nearly killed in an automobile accident.

Alex’s friend was kidnapped and ransomed for the Golden Cross.

The Golden Cross performed miraculous healing of: a girl with a broken leg, a boy with internal bleeding, and a woman involved in an automobile accident incurring a severe head injury.

Alex’s guardian angel, Manaen, saved Alex’s life and foretold his future.

Alex and his friend Tim, a physicist and astronomer, fully examined scientific theories compared to the religious belief in creation. They examined: the Big Bang theory and how this event was initiated; Einstein’s special theory of relativity; why the universe is so uniform over vast distances; how the sun, moon and earth were formed; multiverse theory; formation of the oceans and atmosphere; formation of the continents; how life began; evolution of modern animals; and the evolution of modern humans.

Alex was deceived by people pretending to be his friend and robbed of all of his valuable possessions.



About the Author
Larry Fowler LARRY FOWLER is the master of the quest in spiritual fantasy literature. His books include scientific theory and Christian religious beliefs. Larry is the author of 7 Miracle Leaves a journey into the supernatural world. Larry holds a B.S. degree from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.



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