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Brand New Old School "Christianity" - A Call to the Bride by Todd Bingham

Brand New Old School "Christianity" - A Call to the Bride

by Todd Bingham

164 pages
A challenge to believers to audit their beliefs and repent.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Brand New Old School Christianity: A Call to the Bride is the fruit of approximately three years of study and seeking out the truth of the Word of Yahweh as it relates to my Christian walk. It is written as a challenge to all believers to audit their beliefs in light of the whole counsel of the Word of God.

After 40 years of involvement in mainstream Christianity, I began to question much of what I had learned. I began to view current events with a focus on the United States through the lens of understanding that according to statistics approximately 75% of Americans are “Christian”. I could not fathom how 3 out of 4 people in this country could be “Christian”, yet we murder millions of babies every year through abortion. Violent crimes, teenage pregnancies, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases and homosexuality are just a few examples of “normal life”. How with all this “light” could darkness be gaining ground at such an alarming pace? As I contemplated the encroaching darkness in the world in which we live, I began to understand that darkness can only be one thing…dark. By definition “dark” is defined as very little or no light. Light on the other hand can come in almost limitless degrees of luminosity. How could things be so dark when three quarters of the population supposedly have the light of Yeshua (Jesus) in their hearts? With this new revelation of the fact that darkness cannot be blamed for being dark but light can certainly be at fault for not being bright enough, I began to investigate the theological systems I had been entrenched in my entire life. What I found was disturbing to say the least.

Brand New Old School Christianity was written from a heart that desires more than anything to see “the church” recognize that it is largely miserable, wretched, blind and poor, just as Yeshua says of the Laodicean church in Revelation 3. This book addresses several foundational flaws in the organization we call “the church”. Also, it exposes some of the issues that helped us get where we are today including some doctrinally incorrect teachings and anti Semitism from the church fathers on. This book is not written from a heart that wishes to throw stones at anyone. Rather, it is my hope that it helps to expose the plot of Satan to separate the created from their Creator.

This book will take you on a journey that may challenge what you have believed to be true. See it through to the end. Verify everything you read here with the Word of God and with historical documents. I believe you will find it to be true. Remember, truth is not always comfortable. But freedom from hearing and applying the truth is a great reward. The Father wants you to know the truth because in the end, it will set you free to be exactly what you are called to be…salt and light to the nations.



About the Author
Todd Bingham Raised in a Christian home Todd was involved in mainstream Christianity for 40 years. Faced with serious questions about the church and its impact in the world, he began to search the Word of God himself for truth. This book is some of the fruit of that quest.



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