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Herbal Empowerment - A Thyme for Tranquility by Jeri A. Sax

Herbal Empowerment - A Thyme for Tranquility

by Jeri A. Sax

288 pages
This book explains how natural medicines work in the human body, & gives simple, concise formulas for using plants, herbs, and essential oils, with the help of the instant reference guide & other helpful information, you'll be making your own simple formulas right away!

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Category: Health:Medicine
About the Book
By using the abundance that surrounds us responsibly and knowledgeably, the reader will be empowered to take control of their life, and with this knowledge, live the joyous, long, and healthy life that is our birthright.

This is what you will find inside the pages Herbal Empowerment - A Thyme for Tranquility:

PART ONE - Ancient Knowledge Meets Modern Science

Chapter 1: The Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 2: Quantum Physics & Aromatherapy?
Chapter 3: Quantum Vibration and Your Personal Being
Chapter 4: Quantum Health Initiator®

PART TWO - Use and Formulas

Chapter 5: Herb Use & Preparation
Chapter 6: Herbal Formulas
Chapter 7: Aromatherapy Formulas
Chapter 8: Health, Beauty Aid and Household Formulas
Chapter 9: The Rich History of Perfumes.
Chapter 10: Herbal Recipes

PART THREE - Instant Reference

Chapter 11: Herbs and Essential Oils - Traditional Principle Indications
Chapter 12: Therapeutic Index - List of ailments with the appropriate herbs or oils listed for each.
Chapter 13: Glossary of Medical Terms

PART FOUR - Helpful Information

Chapter 14: The Home Distillery
Chapter 15: Equivalent Measurements
Chapter 16: Resources


A non-fiction book, HERBAL EMPOWERMENT has a little bit of everything, including explanations of why certain herbs are beneficial, recipes, gem stones, astrology, numerology and aromatherapy.

While some of the scientific explanations went well over my head, the book in general was interesting, raising many interesting points about how our body works and how herbs can help that functioning. I'm looking forward to trying many of the recipes, including a couple of the herbal wine ones.

If herbs, holistic health, or just the thought of learning something new - you will enjoy HERBAL EMPOWERMENT.
- Karen Larsen Scribes World Reviews



About the Author
Jeri A. Sax Jeri A. Sax has been interested in the healing power of plants from as early as she can remember. She has spent most of her life studying the works of ancient scholars, traditional medicines, plants and herbal medicine, as well as biology, physiology, sustainable agriculture, and quantum physics.



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