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What Shall I Call You, Father Aunt Mary? by Mary Bergan Blanchard

What Shall I Call You, Father Aunt Mary?

by Mary Bergan Blanchard

156 pages
Eighty-two year old woman becomes a Roman Catholic priest.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
While visiting friends in Albany, N.Y., Mary reads that her former student, M. Theresa, has recently been ordained a Roman Catholic woman priest.

Forever at odds with the church's stance concerning gender equality, and the absence of women from the church's hierarchy, Mary rejoices and meets with the newly ordained, who encourages her also to become a priest. Never having a desire for the priesthood, she asks herself, "Is this a calling?" and decides, tentatively, to pursue ordination.

If the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests want her, she will accept. However, since she is eighty-one years old, she has her doubts.

Entering the world of new theologies, theories and rumblings of change, she cancels her social life, and savors the works of her old, faithful prophets, Hans Kung, Teilhard and Cooke... and adds new sages: Elizabeth Johnson, Ilia Delio and Morwood.

At last! Science and religion joining hands, luring doubtful Christians back to God. Out with the Middle Ages and its trappings and in with simplicity of liturgy. Back to early Christianity, to home Masses, to community, to joy and out with fear, blind obedience and arrogance. Out with factions and in with all Christians receiving the sacraments together. All so promising.

However, after her ordination, Mary faces a serious doubt.

Has God deserted her?



About the Author
Mary Bergan Blanchard The author's life is remarkable.

She has been a nun, teacher, missionary, wife, mother, step-mother, counselor, and writer of two other memoirs.

Always at odds with the church's biased treatment of woman and its overlooked consequences, at age eighty-two, she was ordained a Roman Catholic priest.



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