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The Deep Hollow by William R. Wilson

The Deep Hollow

by William R. Wilson

242 pages
A sensational odyssey of two boys searching for dinosaur fossils.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Call it a perfect storm of three days of torrential downpours, gas well fracking, and a series of small earthquakes creating a massive sinkhole that swallowed up twelve-year-old protagonist J.P. and his best friend Caleb. They then embark on an intrepid odyssey that takes them into the earth’s underworld. J.P. and Caleb negotiate through a vast labyrinth of tunnels until they come upon a place known as the hollow. On the way, the two boys encounter a couple of sinister creatures that they somehow are able to defeat.

Living within the hollow is a small group of people known as the EWPs that have become trapped in an evolutionary warp. There the two boys meet up with Badu, a boy their same age who will ultimately guide them in their escape using an esoteric fingertip means of communication. On route, the three boys have to ford a raging river as well as battle the infamous ‘Naked Mole Rat’. They can’t do it alone. So Badu summons Molu, his pet mole who chases away the ‘Naked Mole Rat’ and also tries to tunnel J.P. and Caleb to freedom. This all has to be done surreptitiously, as the EWPs are paranoid that the NASA engineers and scientists are out to exploit them in their experiments. Unfortunately for the two boys, they have absolutely no recall of their adventure of a lifetime.



About the Author
William R. Wilson William R. Wilson is a retired engineer residing in the great state of Texas with his loving wife Suzan. His real passion is writing young adult adventure novels. He says that he just can't get the "little boy" out of him.



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