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JP and His Animal Detectives - African Series - Book One - Bruno to Jakkals by Len Nourse

JP and His Animal Detectives - African Series - Book One - Bruno to Jakkals

by Len Nourse

80 pages
JP, who can speak to animals and team solve crimes.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
As a kid, JP found he could speak to the animals.

Book One, Bruno to Jakkals, is the first in a series, JP and his Animal Detectives. The team solve drug related crimes and those of animal poaching.

As an adult JP joined the police force where, in action packed adventures, he and his police dog, Bruno, solved drug related crimes as well as those of animal poaching. In one exciting episode Bruno tells Len, with JP interpreting, how they caught this gang of drug dealers in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and put them in Jail. In this episode you can tell how excited and proud Bruno was of his part in solving this crime

In a later episode, JP and Bruno were lured into a trap set by the very gang they had previously put behind bars, where unpleasant things happened to them. This was not before Bruno had brought JP an addition to his team; Jakkals the Jackal, who became JPs first lieutenant. In the follow-up episodes, JP and Jakkals build up an animal detective team in nerve racking adventures involving animal poaching worldwide.


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About the Author
Retired - MSc, PhD Biochemistry, Research Scientist, Studies in Protein Chemistry and Nutrition to meet stress of ill health, Now Writer of Children's Books and Short stories



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