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THE SHACKERS by Charles F. Sexton


by Charles F. Sexton

196 pages
Secret Southern Indian Ocean island family faces very unique challanges.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Shackers live much of their lives in a blur unless they coordinate their vision as a team. They have lived isolated from the world on an island made of a very unique form of plasma in the cold waters of the Southern Indian Ocean for who knows how long. Stumbled upon and befriended by Antarctic explorer Sir Edmond Shackleton in 1920, their world advanced tremendously until Shackleton's untimely death.

Their existence remains a secret following his death and the Shackers struggle today with most of the issues that humans deal with, and then some. But knowing they are vulnerable, they remain afraid of rediscovery and plunder. Will that happen?

One family, the Alexanders, has the variety of personalities and courage to take on unanticipated challenges. They even suprise themselves.

The book is an easy read. It includes a lot of science fiction and adventure; and a little bit of everything else, including social and family interaction, law, government, medicine and more. Have fun!


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About the Author
Charles F. Sexton is a retired hospital CEO and current substitute teacher in San Antonio, Texas. He bases his fiction on a lifetime of observing and enjoying human interaction. He challenges individuals to think outside and inside of the box while having fun.



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