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GODDESS, MOTHER, WHORE: A Woman's Guide to Sex and Power by Joanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond

GODDESS, MOTHER, WHORE: A Woman's Guide to Sex and Power

by Joanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond

248 pages
Goddess sex tips to give you power in your life.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Hot sex tips from escorts that will really spice up your bedroom! Want to be a goddess in the bedroom? First, you need to know the down and dirty of how men enjoy only escorts know.

AT LAST! A truthful woman’s view on men's sexuality from the women who know it best – escorts!

FOR WOMEN, SEX IS POWER! Goddess, Mother, Whore reveals explosive sex secrets from an entrepreneur and university professor turned escort. Never before revealed, this clandestine information for women was previously known only to the escort profession. Their secrets will change the way you view sex.

Goddess, Mother, Whore also examines why women are driven to androgyny to compete with men, while men still love big boobs and short skirts. What is the meaning of this contradiction? Why do women still get the mundane work, and why are men still running the world a century after “women’s liberation”? Goddess, Mother, Whore charts a crucial role for sex and the feminine principle in a struggle-weary world drained of vitality and direction.

Women are always best served using sex as their seat of power. Women, end this cycle now by claiming your rightful place at the top of the sexual hierarchy! The authors (escorts) tell you how to get the best man and the best sex. Take control of the bedroom and blow your man's mind!

What others are saying:

“Excellent overview of world problems with pithy points on unchecked male aggression. Inspiring, beautiful and very practical vision of women’s wisdom, courage and compassion … includes instructions like the classic “Joy of Sex” but more. The authors are dynamic, observant and compassionate.”

“Frank, Honest, Credible, Revealing, Shocking – The essential guide for all women. It makes “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” look like an amateur offering from a first grader.”

"Authors Joanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond offer encouraging and practical advice on how to deal with your inner critic, develop conscious thought and use free will to change both your world and the world for the better."

"Covers the history of the goddess in ancient cultures, its rejection by more modern culture, and provides an overview of the problems caused by this shift. Mercury and Diamond offer inspiring, practical, and fun suggestions on how to improve society for all by applying the positive female values."

"Goddess, Mother, Whore is a well-researched call for more females in positions of leadership and decision-making across professions and around the world. Mercury and Diamond’s writing style is engaging and will no doubt inspire many people to take action to see their vision come about."

"Joanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond present an inspiring and very workable vision of how women’s wisdom, courage, and compassion can heal humanity. Calling upon mythology, sociology, anthropology, and personal experience, while keeping it all entertaining and accessible, Goddess, Mother, Whore can be a guidebook to being a Goddess and using those divine universal attributes in all parts of your own life."



About the Author
Joanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond live in Sydney, Australia. Joanna was a university professor and Blaise an entrepreneur before unusual circumstances brought them to the mature escort industry where they became friends. Their experiences as escorts give them a special insight into male sexual behavior and its link to power.



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