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PARALLEL LIVES by Nadine Napear


by Nadine Napear

338 pages
Suspense filled story of two women's parallel lives.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Two women; two seemingly different lives.

Elizabeth DelaRosa, the owner of a new magazine, America Weekly, assigns a young reporter to interview a twenty-nine year old publicly vilified vixen named Judith Ann Bancroft, who is charged with murdering her husband and her stepson/lover's girlfriend. But Judith Ann agrees to the interview only if it is conducted by Elizabeth. The former journalist, wanting to uncover the truth behind these transgressions, agrees and travels to the prison for a series of interviews.

These meetings are temporarily interrupted when Elizabeth suffers a family crisis. Her ex-husband has kidnapped their daughter, and it is up to Elizabeth to get her back. Once that situation is resolved in a way even she could not have anticipated, she resumes her visits to the prison, only to realize she and her subject are not as different as she first believed. Instead, she learns they have lived parallel lives.



About the Author
Nadine Napear Nadine began writing at the ripe old age of fifty-nine after a friend challenged her to turn her short stories into a book. This is her second novel.

She and her husband live on Pine Island, Florida where they enjoy golfing, fishing and karaoke.



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