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Angel's Landing by Eugene Gagliano

Angel's Landing

by Eugene Gagliano

98 pages
A boy's summer adventure traveling across the Southwest.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Thirteen year-old Ricky Atwell is excited when he receives a scholarship to attend the West Wind Summer Traveling Camp. The camp tours the southwestern United States for eight weeks with other boys his age. He is anxious to explore the country, but reluctant to travel by car since he was involved in a recent car accident in which his father was disabled. Ricky is the youngest camper and from a lower middle-class family that lives in western New York State. He isn't even considered a New Yorker by the wealthy boys from New York City. Ricky envies John, a fellow camper, who has traveled the world and has every material thing a boy could want. John looks down on Ricky, and seems determined to spoil the trip for him. Ricky is afraid of heights, which will make some of the planned experiences difficult, if not impossible for him.

Ricky must try to fit in with the group while being bullied by John and put down by the other boys. During the 11,000 mile trip, Ricky experiences severe storms, a flash flood, black bear encounters, the complete darkness of a cave, the buoyancy of salt water, desert heat, and summer snow. Ricky's fear of heights is challenged as he rides a tram up the famous St. Louis Arch, climbs Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, rides a narrow gauge train along the mountain cliffs of Colorado, rides a mule down the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon, and climbs the ladders of the Indian ruins at Mesa Verde National Park.

At the end of the trip, in Rocky Mountain National Park, Ricky's character is tested when he and John are forced over a steep mountainside by a bear and John is seriously injured. Then, caught in a fierce thunder storm, Ricky must face his ultimate fear of heights in order to save both of their lives.



About the Author
Known as the Teacher Who Dances on his Desk, Eugene M. Gagliano is the recipient of the International Reading Association's 2004 Wyoming State Literacy Award. He is the author of C is for Cowboy, Dee and the Mammoth, V is for Venus Flytrap, and Little Wyoming.



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