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Torch by Edmond Gagnon


by Edmond Gagnon

198 pages
Arson Detective Norm Strom hunts for a serial arsonist.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Arson detective Norm Strom is always one step behind a serial arsonist who is responsible for torching several buildings in the city. He tracks down known arsonist Johnny Eagle and turns him into his informant, hoping to use one torch to catch another. Eagle tells all, revealing the pleasure and satisfaction that he gets from setting and watching a raging inferno. Detective Strom relies on Eagle and his other informants to help him discover the true identity of the serial arsonist. To keep the cops off his back, Johnny Eagle rats on his own friends. Is he playing with fire on both sides of the fence? Detective Strom and Johnny Eagle each tell their own version of the story, putting the reader right in the middle of a dangerous game of cat and rat.


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About the Author
Edmond Gagnon Ed is a retired police detective who wrote his first book A Casual Traveler after three years of seeing the world. Having caught the writing bug he wrote Rat, the first book in his Black & White crime series. He has continued the series with Bloody Friday and now Torch.



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