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Do-Over by Laura B. Kirkwood


by Laura B. Kirkwood

304 pages
Do-Over is a book of YA fiction set in Massachusetts.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Do-Over follows the lives of three main characters: Seventeen-year-old J.T. Robillard is in trouble…again! Shoplifting was enough to land J.T. on a bus from Hartford, Connecticut to Fisherwood, Massachusetts to live with his father, who runs an inn there. But dad Jake Robillard is an ex-cop and is none too pleased with his son’s recent brushes with the law. He puts J.T. to work at the inn and enrolls him in the local high school, both with less than stellar results at first.

When Jazz musician Billy Styles comes to town and decides to stay and open up a restaurant, his 18 year-old daughter and back-up singer, Simone is eager to begin a solo career. Billy doesn’t think she’s ready at first, but with the help of new friend Stephanie Frazer, Simone proves to her father that she can handle a solo career.

Another newcomer to Fisherwood is “prodigal son” Adam Morgan. Adam, now 21, had left three years before after an argument with his father, Dr. Jonathan Morgan. Adam then took all his college money and two of his guitars and set off for California in search of rock stardom. Three years later, broken and homeless, Adam makes a grand entrance by collapsing in the doorway of Fisherwood Memorial Hospital, where his father is a surgeon. He receives forgiveness from his father, mother Evelyn, and finally, younger brother Doug. But Adam has a more difficult time forgiving himself. Plagued by nightmares, Adam refuses to pick up a guitar again, feeling unworthy of the talent that won him many trophies.



About the Author
L.B. Kirkwood grew up in Massachusetts and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth. After having lived for many years in Central Florida, L.B. moved back to Western Massachusetts and is enjoying spending more time with friends and family, as well as concentrating on writing.



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