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Second Sun Rising by Judge M. Schonfeld

Second Sun Rising

by Judge M. Schonfeld

354 pages
Physicist Katy Angstrum and high tech investigative journalist Justin Alexander team up again to foil a right wing hate group's plot to pit Japanese and American scientists against one another. Doctored memory chips buried deep inside our supercomputers controlling the US Missile Command may be "Revenge for Hiroshima!" or the act of a psychopathic racist killer with a finger on his own personal hot button.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
About the Book
Right wing leader of the Knights of America hate group Joey McMahon claims he has proof of a secret Japanese plot to implant hardware mole programs in supercomputer memory chips. Mole programs that would retarget nuclear missile strikes on the United States. He wants to "go public" through Justin Alexander, a young investigative journalist for Technology Today Magazine.

But before he can identify the source of his "proof chip," McMahon is brutally assassinated by a nisei radical at an anti-Japanese auto workers' rally in Detroit. And that's when Justin turns to his companion Dr. Katherine Angstrum for some answers. Katy is an expert in scanning electron microscopy and lithography and perhaps one of the few people on the planet who can tell if the "chip" is a fake or a submicron masterpiece of technical treachery.

Her knowledge is also the reason a madman with an ancient grudge from World War II China wants her dead before she cracks the chip open and reads in its dense silicon hieroglyphics a truth older than racism itself.



About the Author
Judge Schonfeld was on the UCLA artificial intelligence team that built the first computers that could read and speak. He has won the New York International Film and Video Festival Writer-Director Award three times for his films on the supercomputer industry. Second Sun Rising is his 4th novel.



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