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ROADS TO THE HEART by David Clarkson


by David Clarkson

274 pages
Latina survives brutal attacks, transcends to spiritual triumph through love.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When Travis Gildea, a graduate student from Texas, meets Fionna Crisanto, daughter of a wealthy rancher in New Mexico, the magnetism is instant and mutual. Fionna, however, had almost been murdered by a deranged admirer during a fiesta. A conflict develops when her biased father, Maclovio, vows to shoot Travis after he learns of the affair, though Travis is innocent.

Efforts for the lovers to reunite take them farther apart, and Fionna is pressured to marry Maclovio's scheming foreman, Anselmo Rodarte, whom she detests, as a requisite for joint inheritance of the ranch. She tells her aging father, "I would give up every blade of grass, every clod of earth, before I would stand at an altar with the wrong man."

Against Southwest landscapes that focus on Latino culture, regional wildlife, and America's ranching heritage, Fionna fears for her life, suspecting that Anselmo is plotting to kill her. When Maclovio confronts Travis in the same hour that Anselmo makes his move against Fionna, the suspense escalates to a climax that will keep readers guessing to the very last word.

Those who appreciated the vivid descriptions in Vanishing Starlight, and who seek stories that will change their view of the world, will not be disappointed.


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About the Author
David Clarkson is a native Texan. After serving in the Marine Corps, he attended college in Texas and New Mexico, and taught art and English primarily in California. Roads to the Heart is his second novel, following Vanishing Starlight.



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