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Motorcycle Boy Lives by Mark Pannebecker

Motorcycle Boy Lives

by Mark Pannebecker

68 pages
Sometimes sentimental, other times profound, but always honest.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Motorcycle Boy Lives is a collection of poetry that is essentially a book in three acts. It documents the journey of the poet as he begins to express his dreams and desires in the first act, then continuing into the second act where the poet navigates through the conflict of his life as he attempts to embrace the positive and confront the negative, and finally ends with the hope and promise of being a better person through it all. Itís sometimes sentimental and personal, and other times profound and universal, but always honest. The poetry chosen was written over a span of many years and included in this story as the best poems to convey the poetís path to enlightenment, understanding, and love.



About the Author
Mark Pannebecker Mark Pannebecker is an author of fiction. He writes in whichever genre will hold the narrative best. He has written screenplays, stageplays, novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry. Ten years ago he took an unintended sabatical from writing; but recently his Muse has returned, carrying his Dharma.



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