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HERE by Mary Francis


by Mary Francis

108 pages

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About the Book
In HERE you will find an introduction to Mary Francis and a brief compilation of her work. Mary has included her own photography of animals and nature, as well as, her many writings in riddle form, quotes and poems. She has infused her humor to entertain, her spirituality to strengthen and her love to comfort and hopes to do the same for others.

In Mary’s book she explores, and like ‘Knick knacks’ off the shelf, or food for thought she realizes, not everyone can relate to everything and this applies to us all, but we do all continue in our search for love, laughter, hope and joy. Do we not?

An ideal gift pleaser, or perfect addition for any gift bag, as it is small in size and easy reading. Mary has noted that it is not the sort of book you need to order a fireplace for, or a lounge chair, rather it’s the book you throw in your purse, or keep on your nightstand, or on the dashboard of your car. Then if someone tries to break in they will see the word HERE and a picture of a heart and maybe feel guilty, well, it could work.

HERE is a little gift that Mary hopes for all to enjoy, great for reading, sharing and giving! Ages from 18 to 104 and either male or female, for there is much to appreciate in Mary’s fine sense of humor, her strength to pull us through and her devotion to the subject, at heart. Using every day common occurrences and the true realities of life, Mary strives to bring some light entertainment and a little amusement for all to indulge!



About the Author
Mary received a diary for Christmas at age seven and her writing journey began. Mary's accomplishment of HERE came about from her going back and forth to the library every day, then in three months a week before this Christmas, her hard work arrived in the mail.



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