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Our Tennessee Waltz by Betsy  Perry Upton

Our Tennessee Waltz

by Betsy Perry Upton

200 pages
Stories of life in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Our Tennessee Waltz is a delightful collection of anecdotal stories that offers a window into a unique time and place in American history. Betsy Upton's writing of life in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is at once pithy yet humorous. Each story is a stand-alone jewel, yet when the stories are linked together we discover a more complex tale, one of a remarkable woman, ahead of her time and circumstances, as she embraces her expected roles of wife and mother. There is a river of goodness and compassion that flows like a subterranean river as the emotional current through these stories. The author effortlessly captures a rare and authentic perspective of grace through her gentle lens.



About the Author
Betsy Perry Upton grew up as an "army brat." After her marriage, she lived with her husband in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (the atomic city), and this book is an account of that period of her life in Appalachia.



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