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Swagger at 60:  Use the Tools of Mental Toughness to Serve and Succeed at Any Age by Lee Witt

Swagger at 60: Use the Tools of Mental Toughness to Serve and Succeed at Any Age

by Lee Witt

212 pages
Make the last third of your life your best years.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
What if you could make the last thing you ever do – the greatest thing you ever do?

In today’s era of rapid change, our extraordinary human capacity to invent new technology has surpassed our human capacity to manage it. As a result, we’re overweight, distracted, desperate for attention and unable to finish what we begin. Obesity, depression, attention deficit and addiction have become the norm.

Lee Witt suggests that the tools of mental toughness can help anyone at any age address these issues. He shows you how you can flourish in an age of information overload and profound technological innovation.

After all, we know what to do. The information is available and accessible. We know how to lose weight. We know how to succeed in business. We know how to have healthy relationships. We know how to handle finances. Yet we refuse to apply what we know! This is a problem that occurs from the neck up.

That’s where the understanding and application of the mental toughness tools outlined in this book can take you to the next level, wherever you are in life. These tools will enable you to bring your swagger back. Most importantly, these tools will allow you to continue to serve your loved ones, your community, and your world. If you take this information on, it’s quite possible that your greatest contributions are still ahead of you.

Lee challenges you to step up and embrace your swagger. If you do, you can make the last third of your life the platform for your greatest achievements. It’s never too late – and it’s never too soon – to begin.



About the Author
Lee Witt Lee Witt has 28 years of experience in communication and project management in the aerospace business. He also runs one of North America’s most successful cover bands, The BrickHouse Band. An author, speaker and competitive bodybuilder, this is his third book.



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