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THE KINGDOM OF SATAN EXPOSED! Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship in our World - Inside The World of Witchcraft, Voodoo, Warlocks and Spiritual Warfare by Moshood Fayemiwo and Margie Neal

THE KINGDOM OF SATAN EXPOSED! Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship in our World - Inside The World of Witchcraft, Voodoo, Warlocks and Spiritual Warfare

by Moshood Fayemiwo and Margie Neal

698 pages
Who is Satan or Devil? How does his kingdom operate?

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
There are spiritual forces active in the world. We cannot see them with our natural eyes; invisible spiritual forces; neither can we touch nor interact with them with our material physical flesh. They are not aliens as erroneously called by some people, but live and impact on the lives of human beings. Just as there are spiritual forces of good working on the side of the Lord God Almighty, so also are forces of Evil and Darkness. There is a spirit being known as Satan. Heís not a figment; heís well and alive in our world today. There is Satan and there are Satanists; those that are worshiping him as god and do his biddings by carrying out his agendas in the lives of human beings.

Who is Satan? How and why was he created by God Almighty? What relationship did he have with God before his fall and why did he fall? If the Lord God Almighty is omniscient-knows everything-why didn't He know Satan would rebel against Him before He created him? How was Satan able to convince one-third of the angels in heaven to support him in rebelling against God? What did Satan promise these angels before they agreed to join him against God? Where are these fallen angels in the world and how do they operate on the earth today? We looked at the origins of false good, how demons operate in the lives of born-again Christians and unbelievers; the concepts of demonic oppression, demonic possession and demonic harassment. These and any more are contained in this book.

Similarly, in this book, there are two special sections on Interpretation of Dreams which are antennas to the spirit realm and another section on the religion of Islam. How can you interpret your dreams? Does God Almighty speak to us; how and why does He speak to all human beings and how can we hear Him? Find out how Satan and his demons too use dreams to oppress human beings. We explained the Tripartite parts of the human personality; spirit, soul and body and how the spirit realm operates. Take a look at some of the dreams we interpreted in the book and how you can appropriate the templates to interpret yours.

In the final part of the book, we look at the religion of Islam and the Quran. Do Christians and Moslems worship the same God? Is Allah of the Quran the same as the Jehovah Lord God Almighty of the Holy Bible? Are the Quran and the Holy Bible the revealed words of the True Lord God Almighty? Was Prophet Mohammad Abdallah inspired and sent to the world by the True Jehovah Lord Almighty? Are Christians and Moslems going to the same place after death? Are the Moslemsí eternal abode of Al-janna the same as Christiansí eternal destination of paradise? Are Christianity and Islam basically the same religion but the only difference is in English and Arabic languages? These and many more are contained in this book.


OUSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! I loved every bit of this Holy Spirit inspiring amazing book. It is worth every penny as it will educate the reader on things that are done in the world today which have their roots from demonic practices, thus contrary to the way God wants us to live. It makes a very GREAT present for anyone who would REALLY love to know the TRUTH and love The Lord God Almighty.

When you start reading it, you will be eager to get to the next page to know what is next but don't be surprise when you start finding yourself going days without opening it due to distractions and being occupied with crazy things that are not even time consuming because the devil does not want you to finish reading it, trust me. It is that serious. You will not be disappointed at all. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the book in the first couple of pages before you start reading it.

God bless all who read it in Jesus Christ's name, amen.

- Oluwaseun4me


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About the Author
MOSHOOD FAYEMIWO was born a Moslem but became a born-again Christian in 1997. He holds three masterís degrees, a PhD and lives in Chicago.
MARGIE NEAL was born in Union, South Carolina. She became a born-again Christian in 2003. She holds two masterís degrees, an Ed.D and lives in Chicago.



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