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Question of Ownership by Melissa Lynn Christian

Question of Ownership

by Melissa Lynn Christian

120 pages
A new twist on the age old sexual rivalry tale.

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Category: Erotica
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About the Book
Throughout the ages, many stories have been written about the battle of two men for the affections of one woman. Add to that basic storyline leather, cuffs, rope, toys, Domination, submission, and sex (lots of sex) the scene is set for Question of Ownership. Open the pages and see how Zachary tests Stephanie’s devotion to Daniel.

Read how the calm, cool and collected Daniel waits confidently for her to return to him. Envelope yourself in the many scenes of torrid sex Zachary creates for Stephanie, and others. Will Stephanie remain Daniel’s, or will Zachary steal her submission? Join Stephanie in the unexpected ride of her life, and see if there really is a Question of Ownership.



About the Author
Melissa Lynn Christian When Melissa was 46 she felt an awakening begin. Like a caterpillar that has been bound in a cocoon, she felt the pressure of change. She opened her mind and heart, stumbling upon her ability to write, she combined that writing ability with her Dominant/submissive lifestyle knowledge for your pleasure.



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